St. Louis Private Investigator Mike Bland Locates Escaped Convict in Jefferson County, Missouri

St. Louis Private Investigator Mike Bland Locates Escaped Convict in Jefferson County, Missouri

On 06/06/2024 at 8:47  A.M. Thursday former St. Louis County Police Officer  Michael Bland, CEO of Shadow Company Investigations and S.I.S. Global Investigations observed a white female operating a Grey Jeep Patriot in a neighborhood of Jefferson County, Missouri and was trespassing.

He contacted her and asked what she was doing and she replied she was in the area to pick up a man named Cameron. She was very nervous and kept driving and parking at various spots in the neighborhood. 

Investigator Bland being a 20 year retired Police Officer and owning two private investigation companies knew that something was wrong and had also remembered from the previous night there was an escaped convict on the loose called 911 and informed the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept that the man  Cameron Shinkle who was wanted on Probation Violation by the State of Missouri was being picked up by a woman who had a small infant with her.

Jefferson County Special Operations Division (S.W.A.T.) along with Lt. Schumer, K-9 and numerous other deputies arrived and canvassed the area which met to no avail.

They advised the suspect Cameron Shinkle has been floating along the Big River and breaking into homes and stealing money and other items to facilitate his escape. They also advised me he was using Wi Fi on his cell phone to communicate and call for help.

Presently Shinkle is on the loose and being sought after. The other escapee was apprehended the night before on 06/05/2024 by Deputies in Jefferson County.

Currently many people in the Hillsboro, Rain Tree Plantation, Morse Mill, and Ware area concerned of the man because thus far he appears to be a danger to himself and to the general public if cornered with his history and efforts to avoid capture.

Private Investigator Michael Bland was interviewed by KMOV News of St. Louis, Mo about the incident.

On 06/07/2024 it was reported the suspect Cameron Shinkle had stolen a four wheeler and some tools and escaped in the Jones Creek area.

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