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Remodeling Fraud Investigations

Contractor Fraud Investigations We offer at Shadow Company Investigations help people who have hired a contractor, construction, or remodeling company and have been ripped off we can help. Thousands of people a year are scammed by con men calling themselves home contractors. These fraudulent contractors are preying on people who don’t have much money or are desperate for construction workers. Many times, these people they know will even hand over hard-earned cash with a handshake deal because they are so desperate. These fraudulent con men portraying themselves as professional construction companies are predators in disguise just like any other criminal. Many people are fooled because they show up in a work truck, and wear a safety vest, tool belt, or other gear used by construction and remodeling crews. For a free consultation on contractor fraud investigations please contact us today at Shadow Company Investigations.

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Contractor Fraud Investigations

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Contractor Background Investigations

Remodeling Fraud

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What is the fine line that separates a Real Contractor From a Fraudulent Contractor?

Here’s where things get interesting. If you have paid a contractor or remodeling company for a project and they do not provide you with the services or materials you paid for they are defrauding you which make no mistake about it is criminal in every aspect, unethical, and immoral. However, here’s where it gets even more confusing to most the legal system which as we know is combat ineffective at best rarely ever if at all sees it this way.

The legal system usually deems it as a civil matter if any services at all were rendered by the contractor even so little as driving a nail then leaving. The main difference is a client who receives his materials and job and is not happy with the quality of work or customer service is a different story but people may get the two mixed up. If someone does the job and completes what they agreed to do then they are not a fraud and they have not ripped you off. However, taking your money and not delivering what was promised or even delivering materials you paid for is the very definition of fraud.

Warning Signs to Prevent Contractor Fraud

Require a Written Quote

Require Contract (if there’s no contract for any reason at all run)

Require Invoices

Require business card

Require Website / Marketing

Ask for proof of Insurance

Ask for proof of L.L.C. or Incorporation

Ask to See Google Business Listing & Reviews

The Dirty Truth About Contractor Fraud You’re Not Told

Here is the bad news if you are ripped off you have very little to no recourse whatsoever. Our legal system and the courts jump in on the bandwagon also taking your money and telling you to file a small claims lawsuit, hire a lawyer, and obtain a judgment. Well here’s the deal even if you do all that and win a judgment physically seizing your money back is not so easy it’s merely impossible.

Many times the psych profile many of these fraudulent contractors fit is consuming alcohol, drugs, partying, sleeping from place to place, in a car, or at random friend’s houses, and even hotels. So thinking you’re locating a bank account to seize funds from people who have most certainly spent it trying to buy a car, find a place to live, or on drugs or alcohol or prostitution is a fr cry from reality. Hiring a Lawyer is going to accomplish absolutely nothing in these cases either.

What are your options in dealing with Contractor Fraud Investigations?

This is the most profound question. It will simply test many people to their very core. unfortunately, if it’s not a legitimate company you hired and there are fair checks and balances. They want to either do a partial refund or make things right then you have no control over the situation, not even the least bit. This may test people and provoke them to handle it themselves in a legal manner or unethical manner as well. We highly recommend against this as well since you will be stopping down to the fraudster level. Not to mention seeking revenge or acts of retribution contrary to many people’s beliefs and religion.

How can S.I.S. Global Investigations Help With Contractor Fraud Investigations?

By hiring Shadow Company Investigations we can investigate your contractor fraud investigations in depth and find out the weak link in the armor about the people who ripped you off to help you better decide your angle of attack. Hiring our professional contractor fraud investigations unit to identify the correct information of the contractors you hired including real names, addresses, phone numbers, and vehicles they own is a great start. Then hiring us to conduct professional contractor fraud surveillance on the targets of the investigation is a great second move and will most likely reveal most information on these predatory con men you will need.

Contractor fraud investigations can offer surveillance and help you identify new possible victims they are providing quotes that can be warned, locate their office, locate the possible job sites, and learn about their day-to-day operations, where they frequent as far as bars and restaurants, and other associates and business partners they may be teaming up with in committing contractor fraud schemes.

Why People Choose Shadow Company Investigations for Contractor Fraud Investigations

When people, Law Firms, or Corporations need to hire an International Private Investigator or Detective near them to help in discreet international matters they trust Shadow Company Investigations. People trust us because we are owned and operated by retired Law Enforcement professionals with 30 years of experience. We provide various International investigative services like surveillance, investigations, private intelligence, and private protection services. Our specialty is international online investigations, background checks, and people locates.
For the last decade, we have been responsible for providing background checks, surveillance, and intelligence, to the Special Forces Community and helping Hollywood elites facing stalker threats. We have a customer services guarantee and take every case no matter how small or large like it’s our own. You can contact us now for a free private investigator consultation. We abide by all State, local, and federal Laws concerning the private investigations industry and only hire professionally licensed, trained, and insured Private Investigators to carry out all investigative services. In 30 years We have handled a vast array of surveillance and investigations.

Contact us at Shadow Company Investigations for Contractor Fraud Investigative Needs

If you need to hire experts in contractor fraud investigations you have come to the right place. We are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and on weekends. By hiring a professional contractor fraud investigator or detective today you will greatly increase your odds of coming to a final and absolute resolution of your problems. Do not delay another minute and hold those accountable who have taken advantage of you and your hard-earned money. Contractor fraud investigations we offer have helped many clients find a resolution and this may very well be your only chance at finding help from people who understand your problem.

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