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Shadow Company Investigations was built on the foundation of training, formal education, real-world experience, and a strong passion for helping people succeed in dealing with high-end legal situations. From family law investigations, our area of specialization, to background checks and covert surveillance, we have a vast array of global private detective services to offer. Our detectives consist of retired law enforcement personnel with over 30 years of experience. This is how we guarantee expert-trained investigators and the best results possible!

As the leading private investigator firm in the world, our private detective services aren’t only limited to North America or the United States. In fact, we work with clients across the Globe. Contact us today to learn more about our discreet private investigation services or request a free consultation to discuss your case.

Our Mission Statement

Global Private Detectives for Divorce, Infidelity, and Child Custody Surveillance Investigations

At Shadow Company Investigations, our mission is to give our clients the most vetted, detailed, and fastest evidence they need to make fully informed decisions that will provide detailed photographic evidence and court-worthy reports to impact their future. We are committed to upholding ethical standards in the best tradition of the private detective industry as well as State, Federal, and international laws on conducting investigations while maintaining complete transparency ensuring our client’s confidentiality and privacy remain secure.

What Makes Shadow Company Investigations the Best Private Detective Firm in The World?

At Shadow Company Investigations, we understand that family law investigations can be stressful and costly. After successfully helping clients deal with such matters for years, our team has gained the required experience and skills to handle not only family law investigations but all other complex investigation matters.

Over the decades, we have become the best international private detective firm for divorce, custody, and cheating spouse surveillance cases. Our covert operatives possess the required resources, training, state-of-the-art equipment, and contacts to gather the evidence you need to win your court case.

Here is why Shadow Company Investigations stands out:

Informative business model: Our dedication to being transparent and honest with our clients makes us different. We think it is important to keep our clients informed and educated giving them the power to make easier decisions. Our straightforward business model, hiring contract, and flat rate pricing ensure you know exactly what services we offer and how much they cost with no hidden fees.

Variety of family law investigations: Our global private detectives can help with family surveillance cases by uncovering hidden assets, evidence of infidelity, uncovering criminal records, and child custody surveillance. Further, if you think your spouse is cheating, we can conduct discreet infidelity investigations to uncover the truth and give you the evidence you need for your peace of mind or legal proceedings.

Covert surveillance services: Our expert-trained private detective team uses cutting-edge covert surveillance methods to obtain information in an undercover, subtle, and fast pace. We also utilize GPS tracking surveillance to monitor people or vehicles, giving you real-time actionable intelligence.

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Are you looking for a top-notch and reliable private detective firm to help you with your investigations? If yes, get in touch with Shadow Company Investigations to schedule your free consultation today. In the United States and Globally. If you need to hire a private investigator in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Middle East you can trust us to handle your private investigation matters with discreetness and urgency.


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