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When people or companies need a Private Investigator or Background Check near them in St. Louis, Mo, or across Missouri they trust Shadow Company Investigations. We are owned & operated by Law Enforcement professionals with over 30 years of experience conducting complex investigations. We have spent the last decade providing private detective services like surveillance, investigations, and background checks to the Special Forces Community and Celebrities in Hollywood. We are a State-licensed and insured St. Louis Private Investigator firm providing various investigative, intelligence, and security services. In 30 years We have handled everything from lost pets to terrorism suspects. However, our specialty is family law investigations such as Child Custody, Divorce, and Cheating Spouse Investigations. Contact us today for a Free Private Investigator Consultation.

About the Founder Michael Bland

CEO Michael Bland of Shadow Company Investigations

Missouri Private Investigator Michael Bland is recognized as an icon in the private investigation world, known for his vast career conducting investigations and connections around the globe. His career was not a few years in the military or as a cop then claims to be a global network investigations agency but 30 years in security, protection, and investigations as a retired police officer serving in St. Louis, Mo one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Michael has worked directly with the F.B.I on public corruption and apprehended a Russian terrorist.

Michael’s training and experience include graduating from Ft. Knox, Ky Army R.O.T.C. Leadership Course, Western Illinois University Law Enforcement Administration, St. Louis County Police Academy, Reid School of  Interview & Interrogation, and more than a decade of PI training and owning and operating two Private Investigation firms. Michael did not have a generic certificate or worked under a company for a year to only meet the minimum requirements to say he was a  Private investigator.

There is far more to Michael than meets the eye having competed in full-contact fighting and tactical training most of his life hes far more than your typical private detective seated behind a desk.

Michael Bland, is a 30-year investigator, retired Police Officer and Police Chief having served roles in S.W.A.T. operations, high-risk raids, trained sniper, and owner of two private investigator firms. Michael has conducted private investigations in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, and Louisiana, and continents of Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Mexico. Michael has handled complex investigations ranging from terrorism, public corruption, and corporate investigations.

Michael has also conducted corporate investigations for companies like B.P. Oil, and Bayer / Monsanto Global Chemical Company.

Child Custody Surveillance in Columbia, Missouri

We Maintain Complete Discretion: When you choose us for custody investigation services, you don’t have to worry about your privacy. Our team understands that child custody surveillance require extra sensitivity and confidentiality. We take every case seriously, with the utmost discretion, so your and your child’s privacy and well-being are always protected.

We Prioritize Your Child’s Safety: The safety and well-being of your child or children is always our top priority. In our child custody investigations, we investigate the child’s environment to identify any potential risks and make sure their needs are taken care of. We strive to collect evidence that proves if the child is in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Child Custody Surveillance Services

So what does a custody private investigator do, and how can we help with your case? Some of the key services we provide in support of child custody investigations include:

Advanced Database Investigations for Custody: We leverage advanced technology and analyze our extensive databases to gather crucial information about your child custody cases. Our detectives are experts in uncovering criminal history, employment records, hidden assets, and other such details that can have a significant impact on custody decisions.

Child Custody Background Checks: In our investigations, we also conduct a complete background check on all the parties involved in the matter. This helps us identify any red flags or concerns that can cause future problems for you and your child.

Child Custody GPS Tracking Surveillance: For cases that require monitoring the activities of a parent or guardian, we employ discreet Custody GPS tracking services (all within the boundaries of the law, of course). This helps our team collect real-time information that can be useful for your case.

Cheating Spouse Surveillance Columbia, Missouri

What Type of Cheating Spouse Surveillance Do We Offer in St. Louis?

As the leading private investigator for cheating spouse surveillance and other family law investigations throughout Missouri, we offer a complete range of services from covert surveillance to detailed tracking and investigations.

Spousal Investigation Services

Private Investigator for Cheating Spouse Investigations in St. Louis

Our team of private investigator professionals are trained in offering complete spousal investigation solutions.

Our experienced cheating investigators offer discreet services to help you uncover any evidence of infidelity. We use professional surveillance techniques to track your spouse’s movements and interactions and document suspicious behavior. If you need to confront your spouse or use the evidence in a divorce, we can provide the proof you need.

Spouse GPS Tracking

GPS tracking can be beneficial in cases where honesty and accountability are essential to solve any suspicions. If you are looking for a private investigator for cheating who has expertise in spouse GPS tracking, we can help you!

We ensure to comply with the law while offering GPS tracking services. Our investigators can discreetly put GPS trackers on your partner’s vehicle or belongings to keep an eye on where they are going, giving you the exact details you need.

Premarital Investigation

If you are about to get married, but you are suspicious that your partner is cheating on you, our private investigator for cheating is here to perform a comprehensive premarital investigation on them. From going through their finances to finding out if they are with any other person behind their back, we can help you find out everything. Uncovering undisclosed information about your partner will help to form a strong foundation of trust before your marriage.

Divorce Surveillance in Columbia, Missouri

Hire a Private Investigator for Divorce Surveillance in Missouri

As a leader in divorce and family law investigations throughout the St. Louis area, Missouri, and nationwide, we offer a wide range of services to assist in divorce surveillance. These include:

Surveillance: Efficient divorce surveillance requires surveillance, and our team is highly skilled in all aspects of surveillance. Whether you need to monitor your spouse’s activities, document interactions with suspicious people, or check if they are following custody agreements – our surveillance services have you covered. We are well-equipped with the latest technology and have experienced investigators to guarantee accuracy and reliability.

GPS Tracking: Another part of our divorce surveillance is GPS tracking. This can be beneficial in situations where you need to be sure of your partner’s transparency and accountability. Under applicable laws, our team can install GPS tracking devices on their cars or personal items to keep tabs on their movements. This way, you can get the proof you need if they are up to something illegal and defend your rights during divorce proceedings in court.

Criminal Background Check: As part of our divorce surveillance services, we can also provide a complete analysis of your partner’s background. Our criminal background checks investigate public records, court papers, and other reliable sources to reveal any criminal history or warning signs. This information can play a critical role in determining your choices related to custody, asset division, and your overall safety during the divorce process.

Drug Use Investigations: If your spouse is suspected of substance abuse, it can have a major impact on the outcome of your divorce and your personal safety during the process. Since our private investigator team includes retired law enforcement officers, they are skilled at discreetly uncovering any drug use.

Uncovering Suspicious or Criminal Behavior: Our team of investigators can help you uncover any suspicious or even criminal activities in which your spouse may be involved. We can also find out if they have any associations with questionable people or if they are leading a double life. With our irrefutable evidence, you will have the proof you need to protect yourself and get a fair divorce settlement.

Infidelity Investigations: Infidelity can be a tough and heartbreaking part of a divorce, but we are here to help. Along with divorce surveillance, we can also provide you with a skilled private investigator to check for cheating. Our infidelity investigators will investigate the matter discreetly through interviews, surveillance, and analysis. If your partner is cheating on you, rest assured that we will get the evidence you need to protect your rights during the divorce process.

Comprehensive Private Investigator and Detective Services in Columbia, MO

Are you in need of professional and discreet investigative services in Columbia, MO? Look no further than Shadow Company Investigations. Our seasoned team of certified investigators is committed to providing comprehensive and reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs.