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When people need to hire a Private Investigator or Detective in North America they trust Shadow Company Investigations. We specialize in Family Law Investigations such as Child Custody, Divorce, and Cheating Spouse Surveillance. We can more than able top take on other cases but have grown a repuation in North America for over a decade in winning Child Custody cases. We provide people the best rated North American Private Investigators on the market. Our Covert Operatives have had years of intense Law Enforcement Investigations experience, training, and formal education making us a well rounded and highly experienced Investigative & Intelligence Agency. When Lawyers, Corporations, and Insurance Companies in North America have complex investigative needs they call Shadow Company Investigations. Contact us today for a Free North America Private Investigator Consultation. When you book a consultation with us and decide to move forward with our services, know that you are in good hands.

We care deeply about our clients and always maintain a level of professionalism that is unrivaled. Our lines of communication are always open, and we strive for transparency in our work. When you hire one of our private investigators, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge that helps you determine the best course of action depending on the results. Private investigation is not just for the private citizen, either. Corporations can also benefit from private investigative services by looking into prospective clients, current clients, and possibly fraudulent people, employees, or corporations.

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Our Philosophy

Private investigation is not about proving the guilt of the party being investigated. It is about getting answers to your questions, whether for your benefit or not. We strive to be as professional and accurate as possible, and this includes leaving behind any bias or prejudice.

If you are unsure of your need for private investigative services, please read more to learn about our services and how they can help you or your business.

Cheating Spouse Surveillance North America

Does your spouse go away on business trips too often? Are they hard to reach when they are away? Do you have an instinctive feeling that they might not be as faithful as they say they are? These are common signs of marriage infidelity, and it is an unfortunate circumstance.

Infidelity in marriages is becoming more common as people travel for work or get lost on the internet in websites for online dating and, more specifically, extramarital affairs. Here at [Company Name], we know how frustrating it is to not know the answers to these questions. Our investigators take the time to understand you and your concerns to ensure we give the best service possible. Photographic evidence is our main priority, and we are experts at discretion. If you believe your spouse or partner is cheating, let us help you find the answers you need for peace of mind. Cheating spouse surveillance includes the following:

  • Watching your spouse on their daily routine
  • Surveillance of social media
  • Gathering information from available sources regarding phone calls, text messages, and scheduled (and unscheduled) meetings
  • Any other services or surveillance that can benefit the investigation

Divorce Surveillance North America

Going through a divorce can be tough. Many reasons may have led you to this step, and we take care of you through this difficult time. Whether you are suspicious of hidden money, assets, or infidelity, our investigators are discreet in their surveillance. You want answers, and we provide them for you. Divorce surveillance includes many aspects of surveillance to help you know that you aren’t being taken advantage of in the divorce proceedings. These include the following:

  • Watching your spouse on their daily routine
  • Surveillance of social media
  • Collecting information regarding assets, money, bank accounts, and career
  • Other surveillance that can benefit the investigation

Child Custody Surveillance in North America

The court system can be biased. We all know that, and it is an unfortunate truth in our world today. Our investigators take their time to be sure they have everything they need to help you move forward in your proceedings with child custody. They are unbiased and care deeply for the well-being of children. You can be sure that the future of your child’s upbringing is in good hands when our investigators take on your case. Child Custody Surveillance includes the following:

  • Watching the other parent on their daily routine
  • Possible drone surveillance of homes to ensure safety for the child around the property
  • Finding career information about the other parent
  • Checking criminal history of the other parent
  • Surveillance of social media
  • Any other services or surveillance that can benefit the investigation

Locating People in North America

Missing persons can be a difficult subject for many people, and not knowing what happened is the worst part. Our private investigators work with you to collect any evidence you may have that can help the investigation come to a conclusive ending. Whether you are trying to locate a missing person, a child that was placed for adoption, or an estranged family member, we can help! Discretion is the key to adequate investigation, and finding a missing person is no different. When you are looking to locate a person, our services include the following:

  • Previous addresses
  • Social media investigation
  • Inquiry with possibly involved persons
  • Inquiry into last known location
  • Inquiry into last known place of work
  • Inquiry into adoption agency (if applicable)
  • Any other services or surveillance that can benefit the investigation

Business Surveillance in North America

If you are a corporation, private investigation can help you in more ways than one. Our investigators can investigate other corporations you may be working with, employees on workers compensation claims, undercover investigation of lower-level management, and much more. Corporate surveillance is beneficial for the corporation, its customers, and business partners. The following services are included in business surveillance depending on what your needs are:

  • Address verification
  • Company verification – LLC, legal status, etc.
  • Site surveillance for safety
  • Person surveillance for safety
  • Compliance investigation of employees and/or management

Now that you understand how our services can benefit you, contact us for a consultation. We are waiting to help you find the best solution for you or your corporation using professional methods that focus on discretion, truth, and honor. Contact us now to book your consultation and let us help you find the answers and evidence you need to back up those hard decisions that need to be made.

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