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Match, E-Harmony, Zoosk Online Dating Scam Investigations

If you think you have experienced an online dating scam, been catfished, been a victim of Sextortion, on E-Harmony, Match, Zoosk, or any other dating site by someone with a fake profile, someone you have sent money too, or think the person is married we can help. If you have fallen in love like hundreds of thousands a year just to find out the person you think is your lover has been slowly grooming, you just to finally pop the big question and that’s not to propose but can you send them money or something else they desire and have been simply manipulating you to get this we can help. they trust Shadow Company Investigations. We are owned & operated by Law Enforcement Veterans with over 25 years’ experience in handling complex investigations. Please call us today for a Dating Scam Consultation.


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E-Harmony Dating Scam & Investigation Services

If you have met someone online and told them everything about you, sent personal information, and even given your address and now this online person you are talking to or feel you have fallen in love is seeming suspicious or that they have ulterior motives, or are in fact using you for money, material possessions or other reasons we can help you by unleashing the best Private Investigators & Detectives money can buy to dig into your case and bring you closure and in some cases bring this person to being prosecuted by Law Enforcement if they have bribed, blackmailed, extorted you by threatening you or threatening to release embarrassing pictures, video’s, or information about you to your friends, neighbors, employers, the public, your family, or even your spouse.

Match Dating Scam & Investigation Services

When people have used the popular online dating sites top try and meet a spouse of fall in love. These Online Dating Scams affect millions a year and Law Enforcement cares but is overloaded, does not possess the manpower, resources, or funding to work specifically on Online Dating Scam Task Forces like we do. We have investigators who work tirelessly around the clock who do not stop until they catch their man.

E- Harmony, Match, Zoosk Dating Scam Investigative Services

If you have been scammed on a Dating Site and feel like you have been violated, we can help you try to piece back together your life slowly by taking over the stress from your life by investigating the matter ourselves. You may ask how can we help you? We have hired only the best Private Investigators & Detectives that money can buy to provide our clients a top shelf dating investigative experience. Many times, by the time people call us they have been traumatized by this experience and have developed depression and a lack of trust for everyone around them. This then causes problems at their home, work, and personal life.

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