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Insurance Investigations in St. Louis, Mo

When people need to Hire a Private Investigator or detective near them in Missouri for Insurance Investigations like Insurance Fraud or Workers Compensation Surveillance they trust Shadow Company Investigations, a highly trained & experienced Investigations Firm that specializes in a vast array of Missouri Child Investigation Services like Covert Surveillance, GPS Tracking, Background Checks, and Process Service, Unlike our competition who obtained a PI Certificate and has Criminal Records, we have 25 years Missouri Investigations Experience spanning a vast career in Law Enforcement. We serve St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Franklin County. Contact us today for a Free Child Custody Consultation in St. Louis, Mo.


Our Insurance Surveillance Investigations in St. Louis is the Industry Standard

People & Family Law Firms from all over the country trust our Insurance Fraud Claims Investigation Services due to the fact they get results.

We all know hiring a St. Louis Private Investigator or Detective for Insurance Investigations or Slip and Fall Investigations in Missouri is not cheap and if you’re using your hard-earned money, you can rest assured were working diligently on your case. We are not the Insurance Surveillance Detectives you have to babysit.

When you retain one of our Missouri Insurance Investigators you will immediately feel the stress lifted off you as we take over the problems and help you to regain control of your life. We often see so many people develop stress, anxiety, depression, and even get fired over their Missouri Child Custody issues bleeding over into every aspect of their lives.

Learn More About our Missouri Insurance Investigations 

Our competitors try to copy our Insurance Investigations success in Missouri by attending a Private Investigations seminar and obtaining an online PI License calling themselves Private Investigators. If only it were that easy, then we suppose maybe everyone must be an expert Insurance Fraud Investigator.

You cannot fake 30 years of combined Law Enforcement & Workers Compensation  Investigative Experience. No Missouri Private Investigations company provides such a vast array of GPS Tracking & Security measures like we do.

For people involved in highly contentious Missouri Insurance matters.

No other Missouri or Saint Louis Insurance Investigative Service offer such a broad spectrum of Insurance Investigative Services in Missouri or covers so many regions like we do. We offer many confidential and proprietary Insurance investigative techniques that we have heard of none of our competitors using.

Therefore, we bring back answers and undisputable proof that no one can brush off, not even the judge presiding over your Missouri Insurance Investigation  Surveillance Case.

Our Saint Louis Surveillance Investigations hold everyone accountable in your situation by calling them out for the world to see. When you bring this kind of Investigative Evidence to any Insurance Investigation it becomes hard for the other side to win in the Court Case in the State of Missouri. We serve all cities and counties in the State of Misosuri such as Ozarks, Lee’s Summit, St. Joseph, Joplin, Jefferson City, Independence, Springfield, Columbia, Cape Girardeau, O Fallon, Kansas City, and St. Louis City.

For a Free & Private Consultation on your Missouri Insurance Investigations matter please contact us today and one of our expert trained Insurance Investigators in Missouri will speak with you personally and go over every single detail of your Insurance Fraud Claims case see if we are a good fit and if we think we can help you.



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