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Fraud Investigations & Surveillance Services

In this fast-paced business world, keeping your business’s integrity and security intact for success is essential. Our corporate investigations are designed for just that.

Our team has many years of experience conducting corporate investigations nationwide and internationally. We have earned a stellar reputation for getting results and helping businesses reduce risks, settle internal disputes, and uphold ethical standards. We strive for excellence and always give our corporate investigations the highest level of attention and professionalism.

Our team can guide you through complex situations, safeguard your resources, and ensure your workplace remains safe and productive for everyone involved. Whether it is looking into workplace fraternization or utilizing surveillance and GPS tracking, we have the expertise to reveal the facts and help you make the right decisions.

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What Do Our Fraud Investigations Include?
Hire a Private Investigator for Fraud Investigations & Surveillance Services

Shadow Company Investigations offers comprehensive corporate investigations to ensure a harmonious and safe workplace environment. From investigating employee theft or misconduct to providing workers’ comp surveillance, our private detective team is equipped with advanced tools and skills to conduct workplace surveillance, background checks, and more.

Here is a quick look at some of our most popular corporate investigations services available:

Investigation of Workplace Fraternization: Have a situation at work where employees are getting too close? Or do you suspect that your employees are violating a workplace fraternization policy? Our team can help uncover the truth with our corporate investigations. We can discreetly look into things and gather evidence to determine if anything needs to be addressed. We will use surveillance, interviews, and data analysis to figure out what is going on, so you can keep your work environment professional and positive.

Workplace Surveillance: Gathering up-to-date and accurate data is vital in the fast-paced business world these days. We have your back with our tailored surveillance and corporate investigations that fit your company’s needs. We use the latest technology and experienced investigators to carry out investigations discreetly and provide you with the evidence you need to safeguard your business.

GPS Tracking: Our GPS tracking services make staying on top of critical situations easy. Whether you are keeping tabs on company vehicles for improved efficiency and compliance or monitoring employee movements during work hours, our tracking solutions give you the power to make informed decisions.

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At Shadow Company Investigations, we know modern-day businesses today face some tough and unique challenges every day. That is why we offer corporate investigations to help protect your company’s reputation, assets, and work environment. From looking into workplace fraternization to providing GPS-tracking solutions and background checks, our experienced professionals have your back. We will provide you with the accurate information you need to take action.

Reach out to us now for a free consultation and let us help you get to the bottom of things at your company or workplace. Shadow Company Investigations aims to become your dependable ally in corporate investigations and other private investigation matters.

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