Is it legal to record someones conversations with a Wiretapping, listening device, or other means? 

Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (ECPA), 18 U.S.C. §§ 2510-2523

Title I of the ECPA, which is often referred to as the Wiretap Act, prohibits the intentional actual or attempted interception, use, disclosure, or “procure[ment] [of] any other person to intercept or endeavor to intercept any wire, oral, or electronic communication.” Title I also prohibits the use of illegally …


Is using a GPS Tracking Unit legal in Missouri ?

  1. You Are The Owner Of The Car: You have every right to track your own vehicle to protect it from automotive theft, and therefore can equip your automobile with a tracking device. 
  2. The Vehicle Is Your Boyfriends: Under federal law, you cannot legally enter the automobile if you are not the owner of the car as that is an invasion of privacy. However, if you a tracking device on the outside of the vehicle to GPS track the automobile that has been viewed by some courts have ruled that you do not have the same privacy rights outside of your vehicle. However, if you are going to equip a tracking system on the outside of a car you do not own make sure 1) you avoid placing the device on a car when it is parked on private property, and 2) you are not acquiring the data to commit a criminal act. 


What are the different types of investigations that a private investigator can do?

Private investigators are not just limited to the investigation of private matters. The investigations that they do can be classified into two types – civil and criminal investigations.

Civil investigations are done for clients who want to find out if their spouse is cheating on them or if they are being cheated by a business partner. Criminal investigations are done for law enforcement agencies and attorneys when they need evidence to prosecute someone.

Investigations are the main service that private investigators offer. They can do various types of investigations, depending on the needs of their client.

Some investigations are done to find out if a person is telling the truth and they include surveillance and background checks. Other investigations may be done to find a missing person or to find out if someone is cheating or involved in a crime.


What are the different types of private investigators?

Private investigators are professionals who are hired to investigate a person, event, or organization. They can be hired by individuals, companies, or law enforcement agencies.

There are three different types of private investigators:

– Investigative Consultants: The most common type of private investigator. They work with clients to help them solve a problem or find the answer to a question.

– Process Servers: These investigators serve court processes such as subpoenas and summonses.

– Process Agents: These investigators serve court processes including subpoenas, summonses, and other legal documents on behalf of their clients.


How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

The cost of hiring a private investigator can vary depending on the type of investigation. For example, surveillance investigations are more expensive than skip tracing.

Some investigations are more costly than others. For example, surveillance or background checks may be more costly than just verifying an address or phone number.


What is the difference between a private investigator and a detective?

Private investigators are usually hired to find out information about a person or a company. This is done by gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses.

Detectives, on the other hand, are usually employed by police departments to work in the field of law enforcement. They solve crimes and gather evidence for criminal cases.


What Private Investigator Services do we offer?

Address Report

Detailed address lookup with recent accurate address information to help in locating someone in St. Louis, Mo, Missouri, or Nationwide. Address lookup by name, cell phone, or license plate. We provide law enforcement grade address information for people in all 50 States that aid in investigations.

Background investigations

Background Investigations we provide in Missouri provide background checks, criminal history record checks, address report, employer information, credit score, and past addresses.

Eavesdropping Detection

When people need to hire a Private Investigator to sweep for electronic counter measures, bugs, or gps trackers placed on their vehicles, phones, home, or office they call Shadow Company Investigations. We use State of the tools for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures.

Cheating Spouse Surveillance

When people who want to catch a cheating spouse by hiring a Private Investigator or Detective in St. Louis, Mo or Missouri they trust Shadow Company Investigations, an expert infidelity investigations company that uses gps tracking surveillance and photographic evidence to catch cheating spouses.

Child Custody Surveillance Investigation

when people or family law firms need to hire a private investigator for child custody surveillance, gps tracking, child investigations, or child visitation investigations they trust Shadow Company Investigations a Missouri Private Investigator Agency that specializes in Child Custody Surveillance.

Divorce Surveillance Investigation

When people involved in a messy divorce and need to hire a Private Investigator in Missouri near them to investigate their spouse and find incriminating evidence for the divorce hearing they trust Shadow Company Investigations.

Business Investigation Service

For people or companies, or Law Firms who need to investigate a business or corporation in Missouri they trust Shadow Company Investigations, a professionally licensed, trained, and insured Missouri Private Investigations firm that offers corporate and employee surveillance.

Private Investigator Surveillance

When Law firms, insurance companies, and corporations need to hire a private investigator or detective for Private Investigator Surveillance they call Shadow Company Investigations the most experienced Surveillance Investigators in Missouri.

Investigative Services

When people, Law Firms, Corporations, or Insurance Companies need to hire a Missouri Private Investigator for Investigative Services they trust us due to our extensive background of 25 years law enforcement career. Call us today for a free quote.

Global Private Investigator

Global Private Investigator services we provide clients global investigative services for a vast array of private investigator services like custody, divorce, infidelity, skip tracing, and background checks. We have top rated global private investigator services that bring results.

International private investigator

When people, companies, or Law Firms need to hire an International Private Investigator to handle cases around the world they trust Shadow Company Investigations an International Private Detective firm that has assets and partner companies around the world to provide services within hours.


When people in Missouri need Private detective services for civil or criminal investigations in the State of Missouri they trust Shadow Company Investigations, a Missouri private detective firm based locally in Saint Louis, Missouri. Call us today for a free quote.

Process Server

when people or Law Offices in Missouri need to hire a process server or special process server, they trust Shadow Company Investigations due to the fact we have a great success rate for our clients. We can even serve people who are hard to locate as well in all counties of Missouri.

Security Guards

Security guard services we offer in Missouri provide residential, commercial, armed, job site, and construction site security guard services. Companies hire us due to our extensive background as law enforcement. We also provide personal & private protection services in Missouri.

Private Security Contractors

Private Security Contractors in Missouri & Nationwide are professional law enforcement veterans and private military contractors with 25 years’ experience in combat, tactical training, and executive protection experience providing private protection & private bodyguards services in Missouri.


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