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Chicago Private Investigator Services: Custom Tailored Investigations for Individuals, Law Firms, and Businesses

When people need to hire a Chicago private investigator or detective near them for background checks, covert surveillance, private investigations, and a vast array of online or social media investigations they trust Shadow Company Investigations, a professionally licensed, trained, and insured private investigative firm. People trust us because our investigators are former law enforcement having served in detective roles and working on thousands of complex cases over the years. When people have discreet or confidential matters and need real investigative or detective services they always know they can count on us. Please contact us today for a free private investigator consultation.

Our Chicago Private Investigator Services as Online Investigative & Research Solutions

Our private investigator services are unrivaled by any other investigations firm. Many people have obtained a PI license, internship, or online certificate after reading about how to become a private investigator or being impressed by a movie or even taking an online private detective course and calling themselves a PI firm and charging premium rates. This is why people have trusted for over a decade now. They know the second they speak to one of our sleuths on a free pi consultation that they are now talking to the real deal, not some amateur hour sleuths. This is because our Chicago investigators take pride in closing our as many open cases as they can leaving no stone unturned for you.

One of the main aspects that make our private investigator services an effective investigating solution is our ability to utilize several investigative principles when planning our investigations. With our proprietary background check and advanced online law enforcement databases we can provide divorce financial records, locate persons by name, hidden assets, locate person by phone number, locate persons’ address, . We also work with you to determine the best-suited investigative approach to highlight these services in your private investigator case. Therefore, your case has a higher percentage of success.

While we use investigative techniques when offering our private investigator services, one of the additional investigation services that we offer is online investigations. With this investigative service, our detectives provide customized investigative solutions tailored specifically to your case.

Chicago Private Investigator Online, Research, Locate, and Background Investigation Services

Background Checks

Due Diligence

Locate Investigation

Adoption Investigations

Missing Persons

Criminal Defense Investigation

Social Media Investigation

Online Dating Scam Investigation

Online Scam Investigation

Business Fraud Investigation

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With our private investigator services, we can help large and small private detective client agencies to obtain closure and also win their day in court. As a leading private investigator firm, we can develop a powerful command presence for any size investigation. We help people, businesses, law firms, and insurance companies to achieve success through investigative consulting and risk assessment development of a custom, perfectly planned covert investigation.

Whether you are an individual, lawyer, or corporation needing detective services to customers across the country, our private investigator services services can help. We can develop a private investigator approach that fits in with your budget and investigative needs.

Please contact Shadow Company Investigations today to receive a free private investigator quote for your private investigation needs. We are available for emergency investigation response 24/7, on Holidays, and Weekends. This is the work ethic that sets us apart and why we solve cases others cannot. Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to hearing from you! Terms & Conditions apply there are no refunds or guarantees on any Chicago investigative services.