Background Check Services

Background Check Services

Whether you are hiring a new employee, getting a new tenant for your rental property, or simply starting a relationship with someone, it is essential to have the latest information about them. After all, risking your safety and that of those associated with you is not an option. Thus, running complete background checks on your new employee and tenant is a wise choice. And no, we are not talking about using the outdated information available on the internet. We are talking about in-depth background checks with all the latest and most relevant data.

This is where an experienced and professional private detective firm like Shadow Company Investigations becomes useful.

Being the go-to private investigation company in not only St. Louis but the entire state of Missouri, we are proud to offer you world-class background checks and other investigation services. Our thorough background checks go way beyond what online databases offer. With our team of incredibly talented and experienced retired law enforcement officers, you can trust that the information you get is up-to-date, dependable, and tailored to your requirements.

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Most Common Uses for Our Background Check and Investigation Services
Private Investigator for Background Checks & Investigations

Employment Screening: When it comes to getting new hires on board, it is important to be sure of their abilities, character, and past. This makes our employment background checks incredibly popular. Our investigators can help you make sure your new employee’s educational background is legit, their work history is accurate, and all their certifications are valid. We also verify that there are no criminal records or inconsistencies in their past.
Tenant Screening: If you are a landlord or property manager, you know how essential tenant screenings are for keeping your property safe and secure. Shadow Company Investigations offer top-notch tenant screening background checks to verify your new tenant’s rental history, credit, employment, and criminal background. With these comprehensive checks, you can be sure you are selecting trustworthy tenants who will care for your property and respect their rental agreements.

Criminal Record Analysis: If you are getting into a personal or business relationship with someone and want to know their criminal history, our criminal records background checks can help. It can uncover any convictions, arrests, or pending charges so that you can ensure your interests are protected.

Sex Offender Screening: To ensure the maximum safety of your workplace, community, and family, we also provide sex offender background checks. A sex offense is one of the most sensitive matters, and ensuring that the individual you are placing your trust in is not registered as a sex offender is essential for your protection and peace of mind. By conducting thorough searches through official registries, our team will provide you with accurate information about any potential risks associated with an individual’s past.

Thorough Nationwide Background Checks: If you are looking to hire for a remote job or need to do your due diligence on someone with an extensive background, our nationwide background checks can help. We search multiple databases and sources nationwide to give you a complete picture of an individual’s background.

Do You Need Comprehensive Background Checks? Hire the Best Private Investigators

If you are looking for more than just a generic, outdated background check, Shadow Company Investigations is the answer. With our personalized service and expertise, you can trust us to uncover the truth and give you reliable information. Reach out to us today for a free, confidential consultation and to learn more about our private investigation services.

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