About Shadow Company Investigations


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Investigating in St. Louis Since 1997

Shadow Company Investigations is a professionally trained, licensed, and insured Missouri Private Investigations firm founded by Expert Private Detective, Michael W. Bland with over 26 years experience in Criminal, Civil, Family Law, Corporate, and Terrorism cases. We have initiated and worked with many agencies over our career such as the United States Coast Guard Intelligence, F.B.I., Homeland Security, Global Law Firms, and even forwarded Terror info to the Central Intelligence Agency. We are the most experienced and reliable Missouri Private Investigations firm serving Companies, Global Corporations, and Family Law Firms for a decade now. When Private Investigators cannot solve cases, they call us.


We have a degree in Criminal Justice, practical knowledge of both Civil & Criminal Law as Police Officers on the street, Training in Private Investigator Law & Policies, Graduate of Reid Technique School of Interview & Interrogations training, Graduate of Kinesics Body Language & Psychological interview, Tactical Training, Police Sniper, S.W.A.T. Training, Terrorism & Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness Training, Military Training, Hostage Rescue Training, Crime Scene & Fingerprint Training, experience in handling murder and other violent crimes over a very career in law enforcement, Training in GPS Tracking Systems, Retired Police Officer, Former Police Chief, Missouri & Illinois State Fighting Champion in Martial Arts, graduate of St. Louis County Police Academy, Blackbelt in American Tae Kwon Do, Graduate of United States Army R.O.T.C. Leadership Course,


Located and arrested armed robbery suspect first day as a Rookie Cop

Interdicted numerous stops apprehending illegal migrants and worked closely with Immigration & Customs.

Conducted numerous high-risk raids on drug and militia compounds seizing narcotics, stolen property, and hundreds of weapons, located & identified a global arms dealer forwarded to ATF

Located & identified Russian National who was first and only person to be entered Wanted As a

Terrorist in State of Missouri forwarded to FBI

Arrested man wanted for Murder forwarded to St. Louis City Homicide

Arrested man wanted for attempt murder Fugitive from Arkansas

Located & Identified Serial Robbery Suspect of St. Louis County Police Department Detective Bureau

Located & Identified Palestinian mean who had stolen a large amount of us currency and wiring over seas was forwarded to Homeland Security, FBI, and CIA Terrorism Division.

Public Corruption in State of Missouri forwarded to FBI

Apprehended numerous armed robberies, burglary, and carjacking suspect

Over 20 years in police work in numerous violent & physical confrontations never had one complaint of unnecessary force.

Located & identified Domestic Militia Organization conducting high risk raid to take down suspects seizing 40 weapons, 40,000 rounds of ammunition, maps, plans, and other intelligence materials. Worked alongside US Coastguard Intelligence, FBI, FBI Bomb Squad, Homeland Security

Sniper Overwatch on Militia Raid

Response to Active Shooter Call Out

Located Missing girl 15 years old in State of Missouri

Reported Corruption as a Missouri Police Chief

Reported Corruption as a Missouri Private Investigator

Reported Corruption as a Missouri Police Officer

4 Police Chief Commendations from St. Louis County Police

Single handedly located, identified, and apprehended one of the largest meth producers & distributors in state of Missouri forwarded to DEA and was successfully prosecuted.

Awarded for using less lethal force in disarming suspect who attacked with a knife.

Awarded for saving man’s life trying to jump off a bridge in stouts, cut himself, and light himself on fire with Gasoline.

Volunteered on numerous Missing Persons cases pro-Bono when starting as a Private Investigator to help those in financial hardship