$5,000.00 Cash Reward Stolen 1970 Oldsmobile Ralley From Freeburg Illinois

Shadow Company Investigations Missouri Private Investigator License 2014011905

Freeburg Police Dept: 618-539-3132

Police Case # 24-000550

Input to LEADS System

Sent to Metro East Auto Task Force (Sheriffs Dept)

Business Name: Freeburg Old Mill Storage

550 West Phillips, Freeburg, IL

Storage Owner: Larry Shaltenbrand Jr.

Phone: 618-398-4173

Make: Oldsmobile Cutlass Ralley

Year: 1970

Color: Yellow

VIN: 336870M260230

Plate: 6HKN004

Month/Year car went into storage facility: Jan 2019

Friday, April 26, 2024, I received a call from the front desk clerk of Freeburg Old Mill Storage. She said the previous week, the owner, Larry Shaltenbrand noticed that unit #19 was empty. From there, he went on vacation and did not report the empty unit to the front desk until after he returned (date unknown). The front desk clerk remembered the unit belonging to me because I live out of state and hadn’t closed the account with her. From there, she called me to check and see if I had emptied the unit. Only my mother and I knew the unit number; I am the only one with keys to the unit.

She was the one who received the vehicle in 2019 because I was moving from California to my new unit in Illinois and had to ship the car before leaving California. From there, she mailed me the keys when I arrived in Illinois. The only time the storage facility was opened after the initial drop-off is Monday, April 20, 2020,, when my son and I checked on the vehicle (pictures sent for reference).

I filed a police report on April 26th

There is a $5,000.00 Cash Reward being offered for the safe recovery of the vehicle.

Please Contact Private Investigator Michael Bland of Shadow Company Investigations in St. Louis, Mo at (314) 737-3166 or email info@stlprivateeye.com

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